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Carnegie wins $16m grant to develop renewable wave tech


Wave energy developer Carnegie has won a $15.75 million tender for the design and manufacture of renewable wave technology (CETO) at its Albany Wave Energy project in Western Australia.

The state government has also awarded $3.75 million to the University of Western Australia to establish and manage an associated Wave Energy Research Centre in Albany, enhancing its offshore renewables research.

The project will bring together more than 30 researchers to support Carnegie’s ongoing research into wave, tidal and wind energy.

Parallel to the project, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has conditionally approved Carnegie’s request to move ARENA’s CETO 6 project funding from Garden Island to Albany.

Carnegie will continue to use its Garden Island site for its own wave energy research and prototype testing as well as working with other wave energy developers, onsite.

“Carnegie is delighted to be chosen as the recipient of the WA government grant to establish the Albany Wave Energy project,” said Dr Michael Ottaviano, Carnegie’s managing director.

“With wave energy, we have the potential to take advantage of our local technology and resource advantage to build an industry we can commercialise and export globally.

“Having a globally recognised Wave Energy Centre in Western Australia will also attract national and international interest from research and industry participants.”

Carnegie has been working on plans for a wave farm in Albany for more than five years with activities including site studies, surveys and wave resource mapping.

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