Blackbook Executive

Securing your next job may rely on more than just your expertise – opportunities in these specialist industries depend on a reputable partner who truly comprehends these fields.

We deal in people therefore our main commodity must be trust and respect developed through honesty and integrity in all our dealings. So you can feel confident that when we work on your behalf we will use the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality possible. We will give you our commitment that your information will never leave our office without your prior knowledge and approval.

As experts in the marketplace, we can provide you with the best opportunities for you to advance your career and to find your ideal job. When you start the process with us we will provide a thorough assessment to evaluate your skills and goals. We take the time to get to know your professional credentials, education, experience, reason for job moves, and short and long-term aspirations and interests.

You may be the expert at your job but we understand that taking the next step in your career can be a challenge.  We review, evaluate and provide feedback on the best way for you to market yourself, which includes social media presence, interview style and CV presentation. We’ll work with you to find which areas to highlight and which skills are your unique selling points. At the end of the day – we’ll help you put your best foot forward into the role you’ve been waiting for.

When you meet a consultant at Blackbook Executive you are starting a long-term relationship with a recruitment professional who will work as a career manager for you. Our recruitment experts make an investment in the process from the beginning and are dedicated to finding a job that matches your needs. Your representative will personalise every step of the process, ensuring you have all the support and opportunity to be successful when applying for a job.

When we say long term we mean it. Whether you get the particular job you are applying for now or not we will continue to keep in touch with you for future, relevant opportunities.  We care about our candidates and our relationships with them, so before we put you forward for a role we will again assess whether your skills meet prospective employers’ requirements as well as your own career expectations.

We Offer

  • Confidentiality and Trust
  • Expert skills assessment
  • Career management
  • Dedicated representatives
  • Ongoing support and future opportunities