Blackbook Executive

Our recruiters are experts in their disciplines and we have the vast networks necessary to find the
employee who’s perfect for you.


Partnership starts here. Tell us who you are really looking for. We’ll work together to come up with a detailed job brief that is transparent on requirements as well as a comprehensive strategy to ensure you find the person that delivers what you need.


  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Temporary and Contract Recruitment
  • Executive Search


Each recruitment solution has distinct advantages. When you work with Blackbook Executive, we help you to select what will work best for you and to identify the right recruitment process for each and every role.

Permanent recruitment
When you are looking for that specialist team member that you can be confident to invest in on a permanent basis you need a recruiter that is aligned with your interests. We apply a bespoke search and selection process to find the most suitable candidates. We then take all candidates through a very thorough process of understanding the job requirements, cultural fit, business strategies and skills gaps.

Temporary and Contract recruitment
Temporary and contract positions are most often there to fulfill a very specific business requirement.  It is all about speed, you want the right person to be able to hit the ground running and deliver on expectations. It is particularly important when recruiting for a temporary role to not “sell” a position; “present” it so that every step of the process is transparent and productive.

Executive Search
It requires a broad network and in depth technical knowledge to recruit candidates for top tier executive roles. Our close relationships with executives across our specialist industries gives us the ability to know who might be in the position to move roles without this being public knowledge.  We pride ourselves on maintaining extremely high standards of confidentiality, an imperative given the high profile nature of the roles we manage.

Our Process