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  1. VIC gov to boost regional manufacturing in Shepparton


    The Victorian government has announced the launch of a Manufacturing Cluster in Shepparton in northern Victoria as part of a $5 million state-wide scheme to…

  2. What will the future of freight look like in Australia?


    According to a report by Deakin University into the future of Australia’s supply chain, the future of freight could see drones delivering mail and autonomously-driven…

  3. How to Leverage Digital Technology in the Supply Chain


    “The digital technologies hitting the marketplace today promise to make the changes in supply chain practice over the next five to 10 years dwarf that…

  4. How to choose the right supply chain solution for your business


    Not all supply chains are created equal, so weighing the pros and cons of each solution will help you make the right decision. Not all…

  5. Manufacturing grows for 20th successive month


    Australia’s manufacturing sector recorded 20th month of expansion in May, with the Australian Industry Group’s Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) easing by 0.8…

  6. QLD gov to boost manufacturing support


    The Queensland state government will reinvigorate the policy agenda to support manufacturing in Queensland as part of the government’s response to a Queensland Productivity Commission…